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ZERO is the Italian Cleantech Accelerator of the National Accelerator Network of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), launched by CDP Venture Capital Sgr - National Innovation Fund, Eni, LVenture Group and ELIS, with the support of Corporate Partners Acea, Maire Tecnimont and Microsoft.

2021 Edition
9 startups have successfully concluded the first edition of ZERO, from September 2021 to January 2022. A 5-month path that transformed these Cleantech projects into real businesses.
During the Acceleration Program, the startups have been working closely with the Corporates to set their targets for reducing the footprint and track their performances.
After pitching results and strategies to investors during the Demo Day, these startups continue in the PoC phase with the partners involved.
Some of them have already closed the first round of investment and they are all preparing to scale the international market and to take the next steps in the Road to Zero.

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Startups from the first batch


A startup that has developed a modular green wall to purify and sanitize indoor environments thanks to an engineered ventilation system that forces the air through a biofilter capable of removing polluting particles from the air.


A startup that is developing an intelligent, modular and extensible photovoltaic panel for mobility and contexts disconnected from the grid. The device is portable, made from recycled materials, with an integrated orientation towards the sun.


A startup that has developed a mobile robot in recycled plastic and powered by solar energy for autonomous cleaning of urban spaces, combined with an intelligent bench that acts as a recharging point.


A startup that offers innovative technologies for green hydrogen. An architecture of direct electrical connection between photovoltaic fields and electrolysers reduces system costs and produces green hydrogen at competitive costs. A modular high pressure electrolyser system avoids mechanical compression, makes the system flexible, allows economies of scale.


An AI-powered platform that provides users with real-time control of the projected energy production of any existing PV system, together with individual or aggregated consumption data.

REV extension

An innovative system of prefabricated modular cycle paths developed by the Revo start-up, made of recycled plastic, which can be positioned without digging on any surface and equipped with integrated sensors, lighting, electronics and connectivity.


A startup that produces sustainable feed for aquaculture based on the use of insects and agricultural by-products processed according to the principles of the circular economy, thus replacing common fish-based ingredients and helping to combat overfishing.


A startup that has created a hardware device for data collection and software with predictive models for pipeline maintenance, which allows you to switch from the current preventive approach to more effective predictive maintenance.


A startup that has produced and patented a variable geometry turbine that adapts to different contexts and allows the production of wind energy even with variable wind flows typical of cities and sea surfaces.

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