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CDP Venture Capital Sgr

CDP Venture Capital is an SGR (70% of CDP Equity and 30% of Invitalia) with over € 2 billion of resources under management. It aims to make Venture Capital a cornerstone of the country's economic development and innovation, creating the conditions for an overall and sustainable growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem. It operates with a series of funds that aim to support startups in all their life stages, making both direct and indirect investments.

Weekend Market

"ZERO is part of CDP's strategy of creating a National Network of Physical Accelerators on the Italian territory, focused on highly specialized technological verticals, with the aim of supporting the development of skills and entrepreneurship capable of growing and becoming Italian champions of innovation."



Eni is committed to achieve total decarbonization of products and processes by 2050 with concrete actions for the energy transition.


Joule is Eni's Business School, a unique path in the training and entrepreneurship sector that values and grows a new generation of entrepreneurs promoting new business ideas, based on sustainability, circular economy and energy transition, suiting all transversal sectors, not just Energy.

"We participate in ZERO because we want to help create a tool for the restart of Italy and for the development of innovative and sustainable startups, in a historical moment that presents great challenges and profound transformations, with the aim of supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a give-back logic and at the same time acquire new skills and technologies.

We want ZERO to become a reference point for Venture Capital, Corporate, Institutions and to be able to encourage the growth and development of low carbon impact companies operating in Italy. "



LVenture Group is a holding company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (Euronext Milan), operating in the field of Venture Capital. It invests, since the seed stage, in high-potential companies with international perspectives that are active in
digital technologies sectors supporting them during their growth until their exit.


Today the investment portfolio includes 100+ startups that
collected €148M (24M invested directly by the company). LVenture Group contributed to create more than 1.800 jobs with a high added value.

"We want to contribute to the challenge of the ecological transition of our country, launching the green Italian companies of the future with ZERO. For this reason we co-invest in selected startups, accelerating their growth and applying the proven methodology of our LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program. Thanks to the collaboration with CDP, Eni, ELIS and all corporate partners, we want to create the ideal supply chain for the development of a new innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship. "


ELIS is a non-profit limited liability consortium company. To date, it gathers more than 80 large companies, about 20 Italian SMEs and university research centers.

For over 25 years, every six months, ELIS has been led by one of the consortium companies, which acts as the leader to carry out technological innovation projects or on issues of public interest, promoting the role of Corporate to create an impact on business and society, through the values of coopetition and new training trends.

"The path we are undertaking will enhance our corporate community in a perspective of Open Innovation among different players, combining the acceleration model with co-innovation, for a concrete approach to the market, with a learning by doing approach.

Together with the new stakeholders, the Partners, the sector experts, and the young consultants of the ELIS Consortium, we will increase the impact that we can generate together."


LOGO ACEA_negativo.png


ACEA is one of the main Italian multi-utilities. Listed on the stock exchange in 1999, it is active in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy and environment businesses. Among many others, it deals with integrated water service, distribution and sale of electricity, waste treatment.

“Sustainability is our strategic imperative and innovation its main enabler. We want to support the growth of the best Cleantech startups, which meet the challenges related to the circular economy and decarbonization, the same challenges we face every day in the management of our businesses. We contributed to the birth of ZERO, the first Cleantech accelerator of the CDP Accelerators network to quickly access the best innovations in these areas. Our goal is to activate concrete collaborations with the startups that will be selected, to join our efforts in the transition towards a sustainable future."



The Maire Tecnimont Group is an international leader in the transformation of natural resources. Through NextChem it operates in the field of technologies to support the energy transition.

“An initiative like ZERO leads to the strengthening and development of new partnerships and we are fully aware of the benefits that Open Innovation can offer, favoring contamination and identifying new business opportunities. Innovation is one of the Group's strategic pillars and the Program verticals of interest are perfectly in line with our strategic objectives, adhering to the United Nations SDGs. "


Microsoft empowers organizations to realize their digital transformation projects with new innovation scenarios. The company's mission is to support people and organizations around the world to achieve more, thanks to technology and digital.

“We are proud to be part of ZERO in promoting the country's sustainable development. Cloud Computing and technological innovation will play an increasingly important role in enabling companies and organizations to achieve sustainability goals, which is why we choose to be alongside startups, providing dedicated tools, mentors and training. "


Vodafone Italy is part of Vodafone Group, unique in its scale as the largest pan-European and African technology communications company. Vodafone Group is taking significant steps to reduce its impact on the planet by eliminating its greenhouse gas emissions and those from purchased electricity by 2030 and by becoming net zero by 2040. Vodafone European network is 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources.

“We are joining ZERO to make a further concrete contribution to sustainability and the development of skills and entrepreneurship in Italy in the CleanTech sector. Vodafone has always been committed to building a society that is connected, inclusive and careful to planet's natural resources, through technological solutions that enable people and companies to reduce their environmental impact"

Scientific Partner

The National Research Council (CNR) is a national public research body with multidisciplinary competences, supervised by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR). Founded in 1923, its task is to carry out scientific research projects in the main sectors of knowledge and to apply the results for the development of the country, promoting innovation, the internationalization of the "research system" and favoring the competitiveness of the industrial system.

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